franchesca (chescaleigh) wrote in youtube_wtf,

I won the YouTube nextUP contest!

YAY! This means, that I won $35,000, special exclusive promotion from YouTube and the opportunity to participate in a 4 day creator camp with the other 19 national winners at the NY Google offices at the end of May. I cannot say THANK YOU enough for emailing, Tweeting, Facebooking, texting, blogging, sharing and voting for my nextUP entry. Your support helped me win!!

What's next? Well, because I'm a "responsible adult" I'm going to put most of the money into savings, put some towards my student loans and purchase new video equipment, computers and design/editing software. Then I'm going to begin shooting a new web series I've been writing with my best friend De'lon, revamp my website and later launch a top secret website that I've been plotting for over a year :) And of course, I'm going to keep making silly parodies, vlogs, sketches and hairstyle tutorial videos. I'm both exited and exhausted just thinking about all the fun stuff I want to do!

I cannot wait to start producing bigger, better and more professional videos with the new equipment and skills I'll gain from involvement in the nextUP program. Thank you again for all of your love and support!

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